Make Waves

Susan Harrison: Make Waves

CD available here $10-

Thing or Three About Love

Susan Harrison: Thing or Three About Love

click here for CD, only $10-

Picture book with CD

$19.99 tax included

Also available at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts gift shop, Michigan News Agency, Bookbug, Kazoo books, &Freshwater Gallery.

My wish is for this book to provide comfort to those who are struggling with any kind of grief. When words get in the way, yet you want to reach out and comfort, here is the ideal gift. It is also another tool in a counselor or therapists toolbox. 

"Susan's lyrics are metaphors for the long, challenging and sometimes scary process of grief, yet she captured the experience in such a way that children of all ages will recognize themselves and notice their own coping style. Going on a Journey is a useful tool for a family, a school or a group; reading the book together inevitably opens up discussion, making room for healing." Julie Waldron, MA LLP, Grief Counselor, Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan.

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