From the recording Thing or Three about love

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A song designed to heal when words get in the way. Hopefully every family develops their own traditions and ways of communicating to get through the tough times. Here is just one simple way that can resonate from our finger tips to our heart.


Hug My Hand (Hug my Heart)
By: Susan Harrison & Leeanne Brookfield
No need to go to bed angry. No need to go to bed scared.
It’s my job to guide you, You must know how much I care.
The movies over. You still won’t look at me.
 reaching for popcorn I touch your hand and hug hug hug you
Three times says I love you.
It’s a silent message between me and you.
No words are needed. I’m so glad we started
Hug my hand. (3X)  Hug my heart.
Waiting at the bus stop, time to say good bye
You’re anxious to get going, I just want to cry.
You’re growing up so quickly,  sure don’t want your friends to see.
you turn to sneak a wave, and I grab your hand and hug, hug, hug you 
Repeat chorus
Sometimes words get in the way, when you don’t know what to say
Three little hand hugs guides you through with a
 love ya, love ya, love ya, yeah I do.
Driving home with groceries, buckled in our seats.
Bad news crowds the radio, it’s so hard to retreat.
 reaching for the dial, sad as can be.
You gently grab my hand and hug me, hug me, hug me
Repeat chorus