1. Beers Ago

From the recording Thing or Three about love

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A playful song about the mindless misadventures of beer.  Remember?


Beers Ago
By: © Susan Harrison
Remember when you were so clever and wise, I could never do wrong in your eyes?
Remember when where you wanted to be was in my arms holding me?
Interesting stories, speech that was clear, you could walk without stumbling or spilling a beer.
Yeah, but that was beers ago.
Beers ago, cans and bottles and pints ago.
Beers ago, that was beers and beers ago.
Remember when you could play guitar and you knew where you parked the car?
Remember when you, you, you could leally drive too.
You were slightly less gregarious, yet situations were less precarious.
You were minding your P’s and Q’s beers and beers ago.
Repeat chorus
I drank to your heath in the tavern, I drank to your health in my home.
I’ve drunk to your health so many times I believe I’ve ruined my own.
Remember when you thought you were so funny? Well beer has changed all that honey.
So, I’ll just sit and sip my wine and whine and whine about the good ‘ole times.
That were…..Beers ago, cans and bottle and pints ago.
          Beers ago, beers and beers ago.