1. Maybeville

From the recording Thing or Three about love

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The possibilities of embarking on a new relationship. The what if? The maybe it could all be worth it.


© Susan Harrison
I’m enjoying your company. You say, you’re having the time of your life.
Whether, we’re together, the rest of today or the rest of our lives.
I’m not saying yes or no.                 Let’s test drive our love.
Come on now, let’s go to….
                Maybeville, we can take that trip to, Maybeville, ride with me.
                Oooh Eeeee the sites we’ll see, Crusing up and down and all around
                Maybeville, population you and me.
                We can choose our destiny in Maybeville.
                Entering Maybeville.
Open your heart, open your mind. We just crossed the city line.
Throw your map away. It’s a great place to play. Enjoy your stay.
Won’t need a rear view mirror, it’s forward from here.
Let’s kick us in gear.
Repeat Chorus
Baby. Maybe. Baby Ma Ma Maybe. Baby, Maybe we just will survive maybeville.