From the recording Thing or Three about love

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The story of a couple who appreciated the magic of dancing through life.


What a Little Dancing Will Do    ©Susan HarrisonMet him by the lake on the fourth of July. He smelt like peaches from some picnic pie. Laughter embraced me before I knew whywe were waltzing through clover, under lavender skies.Ooooo What a little dancing will do,Oooo Won’t ‘cha come dancing with me?  Come dancing with me.We’d dance for birthdays and half birthdays too.waltz in the memory of friends we once knew.Celebrate seasons with a new step or two. Honey hold on tight we’ll trip the light, it just feels so right.Repeat chorus.Some folks count their luck by petals on a stem (love’s me, love’s me not).Me, I measure my luck by folks understanding.  Understanding that they need to dance.Now my destiny dance soon will be over.Yet, given a chance to waltz barefoot in clover I’d do it all over and over again.So, when the peaches are ripe, in a summertime sky.Waltz barefoot in clover and eat a peach pie and don’t question why.You'll know..... Repeat chorus