1. Possiblilities

From the recording Thing or Three about love

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While performing in clubs I'd watch the mating ritual from stage and see couples hook up. It's an interesting prospective. One night while watching a couple hook up I created these characters and took them on the unlikely journey of possibly.Where there is a will, there is a way.
Hopefully there is someone out there for everyone. Even the weird and quirky. As disfunctional as it may look on the outside it really only matters to those directly involved. So, I let them enjoy their ride the way they created it and wish then well.  Ah the possiblities!


Possibilities©Susan Harrison
Brenda’s been seachin’ for a man,                                                                                                                                                           sitting on a barstool anytime she can,                make it to the pool hall have a little fun,                                                                                                                                                  glance around the tables try and find someone.                                  Saunter to the dance floor,  have a drink, a drink or two,                                                                                                                       she’s starting to believe, any dude’ll do.Met Tommy on a Tuesday, at the Out of sight Café.               He was dark and dingy, not a lot to say.A real live fixer-upper, invited him to supper that day. His potential may seem low. You never really, never really know,  besides Brenda’s on a mission to find herself a beau.      And she will la la love him, enough to ch ch  change him. He’s almost good enough to keep. To  keep, how sweet.She’ll la la la love him enough to re  rearrange him ‘Cause right  na na  now he’s kind of a creep possibilities  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahTommys  been  lookin’ for a life. Brenda’s got a job, maybe she could be his wife.And clean his socks and cook his food and give him lots of latitude-He’s been around the block,  she’s been around the yard. Together life might not seem so hard.And he ‘ll  la la love her enough to ch ch change her. She’s almost good enough to keep. To keep, to keep, how sweet.He’ll  la la  love her or he’ll exch ch change her, ‘cause right na na  now he’s in pretty deep.  possibilities. Yeah, yeah, yeah,     Married on a monday. Ignorance is bliss. Wove their lives together, why not seal it with a kiss?Honeymoon travels, unraveled their plans. ‘Cause change don’t come easy, changing can be hard.That’s what I read on the back of her postcard. Yet they’re in la la love, right na na  now.They’re in la la love, right now, right now, right na na now.They’re in la la la love, right na na na now.They’re in la la la love, right now,  possibilities.