1. So They Say

From the recording Thing or Three about love

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This song just screams the question "Who are they and why are ya listening." Consider the source.


So They Say          © Susan HarrisonRead it in the newspaper, must be trueWhy would a paper ever lie to me or you?Heard it on the radio, must be right,Why would a radio want to start a fight?Well they this, they that, they s always say that that that. That's just what they say.So they say, so they say .What they say, what they say,         So they say, so they say. What, the hey, who are they?Half truths, blurred intent, It's so easy to just inventa sliver of an idea,  fraction of  facts.So before I get comfortable or over react.I think, there might be another way?You know what they say......So they say, so they say.  What they say, what they saySo they say so they say. I ask myself, who are they?Consider the source to find what their after.               Stay on course to avert disaster.Weight it out, think it through.         Then we’ll know just what to do. When they say. When they say, when they say, What they say, what they say.So,what the hey didilly i ay. I ask myself, who are they? A little birdie told me, or was it politician or preacherfriend or foe, supervisor or teacher.Rumor has it, gospel according to who?All I'm suggesting is, think it through.When they say, when they say. What they say, what they say. What the hey didilly i ay. HMMM who are they?Weight it out, think it through then you know what to do Weight it out think it through, then you'll know what to do.