Susan Harrison and her Palamazoo puppets are listed in the Michigan Touring Arts Directory.  Grant funding is available on a first come basis (while it lasts). Susan is the recipient of  a variety of awards to include: Hospice and the Arts Partnership Grants Kalamazoo Arts Outreach Award Arts Fund of Greater Kalamazoo Awards Philo Farnsworth Finalist Award Wolf Trap Silver Medallion Awards TRW Challenge Award Pharmacia/Upjohn Community Arts Grants Gilmore Emerging Artist Grant Music City Song Festival Award Kalamazoo Artist Development Initiative Song Door Honorable Mention Videos: A.M. Social Hour               Nostalgia Trippin   and more..... ”

— Award's list

School and public librarians have long introduced young listeners to Susan Harrison's song READ. On her latest album she has a song that academic and young adult librarians will want to share. It's called 'So they Say' and is about paying attention to information sources. It's  one of many great songs on Susan's new album, Thing or Three about love. Recorded in Nashville this album is more rocking than the READ group know".        Barbara Cockerell, friend and Associate Dean of WMU libraries “Harrison’s  singing  style is  ethereal, yet bluesy. Her songs radiate warmth and honesty through beautiful melodies and reassuring humor.”   WMUK “Susan’s playful, energetic performances capture the attention of any audience.” Julie Duval, Wheatland Music Festival. What a lovely performance today. Thank you so much for being part of our Concert in the Park performance series. Every one of your songs was a delight to listen to. I loved your interactions with the audience and your occasional humor tossed into the music and or commentary. I hope we will have you back in Ann Arbor again soon!  I wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for a lovely afternoon concert!" City of Ann Arbor, recreation supervisor “We wrapped up the education workshops with Susan Harrison’s songwriting lesson and discussed a wide range of topics pertaining to writing music, lyrics, how to present your music  to other  musicians  and critiquing techniques…..Great stuff.”  Travis Bell, Kalamazoo blues fest education tent. Kalamazoo Blues Festival Susan has the ability to observe the needs of her audience and craft her performance to address those needs.”  Jen Nowlen, Music Teacher , Woodland School for Technology and Research. “Her strengths to promote the arts in education are outstanding.” Todd Greenbaum, MiAEYC Wolf Trap Director. “Everyone enjoys her programs, which are consistently original, thought provoking, and upbeat….I have always found them to be professionally done and meaningful to all ages.”  Meg King-Sloan, Comstock Township Library  Comments From a School Audience: “I liked the first sound of her voice.” Bernard Rutaremara She played guitar...and it was fun. I want to be a guitar player like her when I grow up.” Ciera Robinson “The guitar music and her voice were fun!” Ra'nya Rolland “The music kept my class moving and dancing. It can take a lot to get them going!” Ms. Rice “Her songs sound fantastic!” Jocelyn Williams “I liked when the boys from our class were on stage.” Natalya Norris “I got to pretend I was a jazz musician.” Mikey Wiley “I like how she used puppets when she sang in front of the students.” Mrs. Tomlinson “Susan Harrison was a great singer.” Shaquan Polk “Cool guitar! I want to learn to play it!” Vagas Pratt”

— quoteables

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