Susan Harrison (Bluesy Suzy ) & Palamazoo

If I Were A Shoe



There is the saying that when you are looking for something you have to stop and ask yourself now if I were a________ where would I be.  My Dad would often say that to us when we were growing up to get us to focus.  I took this idea and went in that direction when I wrote this song for my Dad after he died. It was first released on a collection for hospice called, "Sunset at Meditation Point". I hope it brings comfort.


If I Were a Shoe  ©Susan Harrison

When I was young, I would misplace many things, many times.                                                         
So, I’d ask my Dad to help me retrace, my steps so I might hopefully find                                                
lost things I left behind.                                                                                                                                   

He said to me, “Gotta think differently.                                                                                                  
Here’s something works well for me.                                                                                                      
Imagine, just become what you want to see                                                                                           
and ask yourself, where could I be?”

Where could I be? Where could I be?                                                                                                     
If I were a shoe, a watch or a key I’d ask where could I be?                                                                        
Where could I be, where could I be?                                                                                                       
Well I found my wallet, found my shoe, keys, sunglasses and books overdue.                                     
All I really had to do was ask where, where would I be?                                                                            
Socks, earrings, kittens, jobs, hats and love, throughout the years, I’ve lost all the above.                   
Yet, sometimes when I sit quietly, things seem to even find me… when I ask.
Where could I be? Where could I be?                                                                                                     
If I were a shoe, a watch or a key or if I wanna find me.                                                                          
I ask where could I be?  
We lost you one Monday, when you slipped away.                                                                               
No matter how hard we all did pray.                                                                                                                
Well, I searched my heart and I searched my mind.                                                                                        
Who do you think I did find. When I asked,                                
Where could you be, where could you be?                                                                                                     
In hearts of people, people like me, that’s where you’ll forever be.