Susan Harrison (Bluesy Suzy ) & Palamazoo


Susan Harrison



Ginger                                                                                                                                                © traditional music adapted by Susan Harrison


We’re gonna make up some ginger, ginger.                                 We’re gonna make up some gingerbread men. (repeat)

Get out a pot, get out a pan,                                                         we’re making up some gingerbread men.                                      That ain’t all we’re gonna do,                                                       we’re gonna add some spice and stir it too.

Yeah, we’re stirring up some ginger, ginger                              we’re stirring up some gingerbread men.  (repeat)

Roll out the dough, cut it down to size,                                      cook ‘em in the oven and watch ‘em rise.

We’re rolling dough for ginger, ginger                                             we’re rolling dough for gingerbread men. (repeat)

Take ‘em for the oven while they’re nice and hot.                        Cool ‘em on the counter until they’re not.

We’re helping cool ginger, ginger                                            We’re helping cool gingerbread men. (repeat)

Add some sprinkles and chocolate drops                                     swirls of frosting and candy dots.

We’re gonna taste some ginger, ginger.                                          We’re gonna taste some gingerbread men. (repeat)

Mmmmm  mmmmmmm Gingerbread men.